red luchador bottle opener, luchador bottle opener, creative bottle openers, funny bottle openers

Luchador Bottle Opener

$5: Wrestle the top off each beer with these Luchador bottle openers.  They come in arm bar, leg hold or choke hold positions and in
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chocolate bar shaped calculator, chocolator, choculator, chocolate bar calculator

Chocolate Bar Shaped Calculator

$4: It looks and smells exactly like chocolate… but unfortunately it is not.  It is a working calculator though.  Comes in the
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Camera Shaped Magnifier Bookmark

$5: A nice stocking stuffer for the old folks.  Fits perfectly into a book or magazine and is a 2.8x magnifier.  Made by Kikkerland and
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dart vader christmas card, funny star wars christmas card, star wars christmas card, star wars themed card

Darth Vader Star Wars Christmas Card

$4: The perfect card this christmas for your fellow star wars fan.  So gear up that holiday spirit.  There is a storm trooper one as
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stink bombs, best stink bombs, ultimate stink bombs, stinkiest stink bomb

Good Old Fashioned Stink Bombs

$2: These droplets will be sure to clear out the room.  They last 20 minutes and smell like shit, guaranteed.  Comes in a 3 pack and be
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games of thrones cards, game of thrones playing cards, game of thrones playing card set

Game of Thrones Playing Cards

$4: Winter aka the holidays are coming.  All of the main characters from the main factions are included. Tyrian does deserve to be the
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adjustable flashlight, attachable flashlight, attachable gun flashlight, ultimate flashlight

Attachable and Adjustable to Anything Flashlight

$5: Helmet, gun, rocketship… you name it and this handy, adjustable flashlight will help light it up.  This waterproof mini
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bullet ice cube tray, ak47 ice cube bullets, ice cube trays, cool ice cube tray

AK47 Bullet Ice Cubes

$3: Get your AK47 mag of ice cube bullets locked and loaded because your cocktails need some solid ammunition of cooling.  What is
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animal cracker soap, soap that looks like animal crackers, unique soap shapes, shaped soap

Animal Cracker Soap

$5: Another creatively shaped soap that fits great for the guest bathroom.  Once again don’t let the kids eat it… maybe
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led finger lasers, led light up fingers, solar LED lights, cheap solar LED finger lights

LED Finger Laser Beams

$2: Light up that Christmas stocking with these solar powered LED finger lasers.  Perfect for music festivals or just celebrating
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solar grasshopper toy, solar toys, solar grasshopper, solar insect

Solar Grasshopper Toy

$2: Now this could be an interesting prank on a sunny day.  Imagine 20 solar toys hopping around uncontrollably around your
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coaster bottle openers, coaster with a bottle opener, cool bottle opener

Coaster Bottle Openers

$5: It just makes sense.  Why have to walk back to the kitchen when you know that you can always pop one open in the living room
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zombie key covers, zombie keys, zombie keychain, zombie toy

Zombie Key Covers

$5: Bring the walking dead wherever you go with Zombikeys.  6 in a pack for all of your important keys on the chain.
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umbrella hat, person wearing umbrella hat, funny hat for sale

Umbrella Hat

$4: Walk around like a champ this winter without having to hold anything.  Would at least be funny to bring to a party, since it
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infectious disease stress ball, coolest stress ball, awesome stress ball, weird stress balls

Infectious Stress Ball

$5: Squish the disease out of that ball when you are having a bad day.  Four different colors or “diseases” available.
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camo six pack beer holder, camouflage beer belt holder, awesome barbecue attire

Camo Six Pack Beer Belt Holder

$3: Men and Gentlemen, get your BBQ on and never have to go inside… unless it is to break the seal… which you
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guy fawkes mask, v for vendetta mask

Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta Mask

$5: Remember, remember, the fifth of November, because that is today.  So wear your mask.
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