mario, mario question mark box, mario gold coin question mark box, mario gold coin candy, mario candy

Mario Gold Coin Candy Box

$5: It’s not always about the money, but sometimes when you can eat it and its from your favorite nostalgic video game,
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manly crafts, man crafts, awesome crafts, craft book

Manly Crafts Book

$1: Are you a true man and sick of crafts that include knitting or beads?  Well this ebook by Instructables will the perfect match for
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cigarette shaped pencils, no smoking cigarette pencil, dont smoke cigarette pencils

No Smoking Cigarette Shaped Pencils

$2: Need another reminder not to smoke in addition to your Nicorette gum?  Well these pencils will do just that… or they’ll
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finger sporks, finger utensils, funny finger forks

Finger Sporks

$5: Eat creatively with these finger sporks by Thinkgeek.  Comes in a set of four with the four colors featured above.  Dig in.
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corona salt and pepper shakers, corona salt bottle cap, corona salt and pepper

Corona Salt and Pepper Shaker Caps

$1: Save two bottles next time you have a barbecue and make some creative use out of them with these salt and pepper bottle caps.  They
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creative bookmark, cool bookmark, thumb page spreader, thumb page spread bookmark

Thumb Page Spreader Bookmark

$5: Another creative and useful bookmark.  Perfect for those annoying stiff little books that you feel like you have to pry open.  Now
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the hungover cookbook, hungoevr cookbook, cheap hangover meals, the best hangover recipes, the hungoevr cookbook by milton crawford

The Hungover Cookbook

$5: Happy New Years Day aka National Hangover Day aka Why Did I Make All Those Unrealistic Resolutions Last Night I Just Want a Greasy
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grow snow, grow snow kit, man made snow kit

Grow Snow Kit

$4: Live in a place where your kids get absolutely no snow every winter?  Well you can change that with this Grow Snow kit by Be
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handmade mario card, custom video game card, handmade geek cards

Custom Video Game Cards

$3: For the geeky loved ones this holiday season are some excellent handmade gamer themed cards.  From Mario to Portal every card has a
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pi gift wrap paper, pi gift wrapping paper, nerdy gift wrapping paper

Pi Gift Wrapping Paper

$3: Gifts can be all about the presentation sometimes… especially when they’re crappy gifts… but that is a different
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glow in the dark spitballs, cool gag gift, glow in the dark, spitballs

Glow in the Dark Spitballs

$3: Who said spitballs are only fun in the office during the day?  Edmund Scientifics can help you change that with their glow in the
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star wars x wing ice cube tray, cheap star wars gift, star wars ice cubes

Star Wars X Wing Ice Cube Tray

$5: Get your X Wings locked and loaded and ready to cool your cocktails because they are coming in fast.  Use them for ice cubes or
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supermodel meal in a box gum, gum gag gift, funny gag gift for a girl

Supermodel Meal in a Box Gum

$2: Like duh.  If you wanna stay skinny just totally chew gum and don’t eat ya idiot.  If you skip breakfast this should last you
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animated gears card deck, animated card deck, geared card deck

Animated Gears Card Deck

$5: Make shuffling a bit more interesting with this animated gear card deck.  A totally normal card deck on the front and a live gear
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hand and foot nail clippers, funny nail clippers, creative nail clippers

Hand and Foot Nail Clippers

$4: Keep those finger and toe nails separated with these hand and foot nail clippers by Kikkerland.  Open up these creative little guys
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game of thrones map, game of thrones poster map, game of thrones gear

Game of Thrones Map

$5: Winter is coming.  Be aware of the surroundings south of the wall with this official Game of Thrones map.  Unfortunately if you
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crystal shaped crayons, creative crayons, crystal colored crayons

Crystal Shaped Crayons

$4: These are crystal shaped crayons.  They look cool.  That is about all I have to say about them.
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plant seed bombs, magical seeds, magical plants

Fast Growing Seed Bombs

$5: Another creative product from ThinkGeek.  Throw these magical seed bombs and watch them grow faster than any other plant you have
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