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flingshot screaming monkey, flingshot flying monkey, flying monkey, slingshot monkey

Flingshot Screaming Monkey

Injecting some lighthearted fun into your office environment can cut right through the tension in the air and give a reality check to
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inanimate object stickers, object stickers, stapler, sticker faces

Inanimate Object Stickers

What if the objects around you that you use every day woke up and took on a life of their own? Personally I have an old Mitsubishi
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collapsible shot glass, shot glass keychain, collapsible shot glass key chain

Collapsible Shot Glass Keychain

When you are whooping it up at the tailgate party before the big game, why settle for those thin, crappy paper cups when you can use
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holy toast, holy toast bread stamp, toast stamp, toast picture

Holy Toast Bread Stamp

To start your day off right, you can’t have too much holiness in your breakfast. Some people such as this fellow have tried to achieve
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brain hat, brain pattern, brain beanie

Brain Hat Knitting Pattern

Keep your head warm and wear smart at the same time with a cap made from this clever brain hat knitting pattern from Alana Noritake
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crassula seeds, crassula mix, unusual succulents, plants from South Africa


I am not sure how many of you have a green thumb, but even if you just like having plants around that are a little weird and cool this
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Bacon Flavored Popcorn

Back in the day, Timmy’s grandma used to make the most delicious popcorn on the stove. She’d stick her monkey paw into a
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portable light bulb, pocket led light bulb, portable pocket led light bulb

Portable Pocket LED Card Lamp

It’s a credit card sized light bulb that you can carry around in your wallet. It is listed on amazon for less than two bucks and has
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the kitchen banana slicer utensil for fruit salad and sundae

Banana Slicer Utensil

If you are like me, you eat a banana in one form or another nearly once per day. Personally I like putting sliced bananas on my cereal,
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