miniature photo app, miniaturized photos, blur effect photo app

App That Makes Everything Look Miniature

$5: Miniaturize the world with this photography app that makes everything look…well miniature.  The ‘Miniatures’ app
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instagram cookie pops, instagram cookies

Instagram Cookie Pops

$3: For the true Instagram fans out there, these sugar cookie pops are sure to please.  At $3 per, a custom message will be written on
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hidden wall socket safe, cool safes, safe for the home, small secure safe

Fake Electrical Wall Socket Safe

$4: An extra hiding spot can never hurt.  Just don’t put this one where you think someone would like to charge their phone. 
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mini nerf gun, awesome nerf gun, tiny nerf gun, mini nerf gun, mini fake gun

Mini Nerf Gun

$5: The JOLT, it may be small, but this thing has some Nerf action kick to it.  This can shoot the Nerf Whislte Darts over 40 feet
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electric guitar lighter, mini guitar light, light up guitar

Mini Guitar Lighter

$3: The rock n roll way to light up.  Has a build in LED light for when you light it and is refillable to keep it lasting.  Available
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funny gag gifts, the gift of nothing, cheap gift

The Gift of Nothing

$5: Here is the gift of nothing for the ‘person who has everything.’ It consists of packaging and nothing else. 
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computer usb fan, usb fan, computer fans

USB Computer Fan

$2: It may be winter, but if it is a hot day and you are on your computer outside, a convenient USB fan could never hurt…
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zombie blood, zombie blood energy drink potion

Zombie Blood Energy Potion

$5: Yes, this is an actual energy drink that you can drink.  Comes with all natural ingredients, similar to the ingredients in blood,
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cookie greeting card, cheryls cookie greetings, cookie gift idea

A Cookie Greeting

$5: Greeting cards usually get read and then put aside.  But with these cookie greeting cards by Cheryl’s you get the eat what is
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astronaut ice cream balls, ice cream, astronaut food

Astronaut Ice Cream Balls

$4: Mmmmm.  Think Dip n Dots, but for more of a purpose than just eating frozen ice cream balls… you can take them anywhere. 
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exploding golf ball, trick exploding golf ball, trick golf ball

Trick Exploding Golf Ball

$5: Time to mess up your dads golf game with a bit of a prank.  Or your drunk golf buddy would probably be more appropriate.  It
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sushi shaped candies, sushi shaped body candy, sushi candies, sushi

Sushi Body Part Candy

$4: I have no idea what inspired these people to make sushi body part candy, but it is candy I would like to try at least once.  Comes
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IOU vouchers, funny IOUs, IOU austerity voucher cards

I Owe You Vouchers

$5: Sometimes the late gift is better than no gift, and that can’t be expressed any better than a formal I Owe You austerity
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100 Trillion Dollar Bill

$0.55: Yes you can become a hundred trillionaire, all it takes is two quarters and a nickel.  Unfortunately you will have to use your
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colored fire flames, colored flame packets, colored fire pits, colored fire

Colored Fire Flame Packets

$5: It ain’t a party until you pull out the mystical fire flame colored packets and throw them into the fire pit.  I’m not
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