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yellow happy face reflective stickers

Bike Stickers With Yellow Happy Face

Use these bike stickers to upgrade your bicycle and increase your safety! These fabulous smiley decals run less than five dollars and
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Maze Pen

Pointless, boring meetings are the bane of existence to employees and committee members around the world. Whatever the language, the
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i will not be your father condom, funny condom

‘I Will Not Be Your Father’ Condom

Where safety is necessary, there may as well be some humor too. This “I Will Not Be Your Father” condom offered via This Is
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Common Sense Magnet

Common Sense Bold Magnet

What better place to express what you’re really thinking than the modern-day soapbox: your refrigerator? Proclaim your common sense
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emoji poop cushion

Emoji Poop Cushion

I’m not sure about where you live, but here in Japan there is a healthy fascination with poop that spans generations. The range
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newtons cradle

Newton’s Cradle

The ultimate “hey, it’s that toy” that everyone has seen but doesn’t really know the name of, the
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Home Party Goods

Foil Polka Dots Planner Band

Foil Polka Dots Planner Band

Planning a party requires the ability to switch your focus immediately when necessary and a lot of organization to go along with it. The first is key to multi tasking, while the latter is key to staying sane. Unleash the party planner in you with the basic tools of the trade. One
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Short Stories

drowning under a mountain of papers

Mafia Doll

So I’m all up in my work, Wild Cherry’s – play that funky music – blaring over my computer’s speakers and I am in the zone!
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rainbow flames story

The Rainbow Flames

Photo courtesy Gabriella Gordon I am mesmerized by all the colours in the flames. Does she have some kind of magic trick to make the
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forgetting man

The Forgetting Man

Lazily, I opened my eyes. It took a while for me to realize that I was in a different room–different curtains, different bed,
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Feature Articles

pot luck

Party on a Shoestring Budget

Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas break. We have a host of holidays and long weekends ahead of us, so it’s just the right time to make preparations for the parties ahead. Whether you’re throwing a party or going to one, it is still important to remember
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thrift shop

Five Surprising Things I Learned From Thrift Store Shopping

Shopping may have its therapeutic perk, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is costly—which, when left unsupervised, may actually cause the need for therapy. Especially in these times when commodities are scarce, prices are high and quality is low. Basic needs such as
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german beer

Top 10 Beer Drinking Countries

Original bumper sticker available from Check it out here. When it comes to drinking beer, there are a number of countries that come to mind. Countries such as Germany and Ireland are well-known for chugging pints of good brew, with the whole world joining in on
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