panic button keyboard, panic button computer key

Panic Computer Key Button

$3: Any gamer, poker player, or programmer can attest to the needs of a panic button. The question is how many panic keys do you need?
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Oreo Dunking Spoon

$4: The simplest things are sometimes the greatest.  The Dipr Oreo cookie spoon lets you get that full milk dip without getting your
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fight club rules poster, fight club rules, fight club poster

Fight Club Rules Poster

$3: These rules should be engrained in your head by now, but if you have to second guess yourself, there is no better way to do it than
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sliced 2 pack

Sliced Two Pack of Cards

$5: Well looks like the Bicycle card factory employees got bored and sliced things up a bit.  Each sliced card stack is a full 54
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book of secrets, mini book of secrets, national treasure book of secrets

The Book of Secrets

$5: A small book with some big secrets.  The Book of Secrets written by Thomas Eaton has hundreds of mind blowing secrets from
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bacon flavored

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

$4: You might not live very long if you walk around eating bacon all day.  But thankfully there is still a way to keep that savory
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cherry filled chocolate zombie brains, edible zombie brains, chocolate zombie brains

Cherry Filled Chocolate Zombie Brains

$2.50: These zombie brains look delicious.  Chomp into some of these chocolate and tasty delights and have the delicious cherry filling
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ninja chopsticks, ninja painted chopsticks, cool chopsticks

Ninja Fighting Chopsticks

$4: These are not your ordinary chopsticks.  They are fighting ninja chopsticks.  They are connected with the ninja’s arms, and
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rubber band shooting pen, rubber band pen, rubber band pen gun

Rubber Band Shooting Pen

$5: If you are going to have a rubber band war in the office or classroom, you mind as well do it right.  The Rubber Bandit lets you do
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shutter shades, led light up, led light up shades

LED Light Up Shutter Shades

$1: Time for Coachella again, so don’t forget to bring your light up shutter shades.  They have red, blue and green flashing LED
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game of thrones wildfire, wildfire from game of thrones, blackwater bay wildfire

Game of Thrones Handmade Wildfire

$5: Bring home a small piece from the Battle of Blackwater Bay with this handmade miniature jar of Wildfire.  Turn it into a pendant or
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zelda mints, zelda gift, nerdy gift for under five dollars, zelda hylian shield box

Legend of Zelda Shield Mints

$5: Pull out your Hylian Shield mint box, pop one in, and get ready for you big date.  Okay, well maybe don’t bring this to a
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stonehenge ice cubes, stonehenge ice cube tray, stonecold ice cube tray, funny ice cubes

Stone Cold Ice Cube Tray

$4: Another creative ice cube tray from Fred & Friends.  The Stone Cold Ice Cube Tray lets you have the mysterious magic of Easter
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charity gift, donation gift, charity water card deck

Charity Water Donation Card Deck

$5: Do some good with just five dollars by purchasing a Charity Water card deck.  The Charity Water organization helps create and
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Zelda Rupee Soap

$5: If you or a friend of yours are a big Zelda fan, these soap rupees are the perfect gift.  Made by “Smallthingsforsale”
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Belly Button Lint Brush

$2: Any man with an unshaven belly button likely needs this cosmetic tool.  It may be a gag gift to some, but it may be a bathroom game
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LED ice cubes, led colored ice cubes

Colored LED Ice Cubes

$3: Well now it’s a party.  These litecubes can last for up to 15 to 20 hours or glowing colored LED lights.  Just push on or
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miniature airplane glider, wooden airplane glider kit, wooden postcard glider

Postcard Airplane Kit

$5: If you’re going to send a postcard, at least make it an interesting one.  No one needs to see stock photos of a waterfall you
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