Arrow Heads Pencil Caps

Archery may have predated recorded history, but people have been making mistakes a lot longer than that, so why not call it a draw
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school kit stickers

School Kit Stickers

School can be overwhelming and demanding of your time. So much so that one could practically lose track of time when juggling projects,
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Kawaii Ninja Felt Pens

Kawaii Ninja Felt Pens

Are you the type to highlight important details for posterity? Even better, are you the type who appreciates color coding on your
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buns sketchbook

Buns Sketchbook

Every back-to-school kit needs a good notebook. We take it a notch further and add a sketchbook to your backpack. Sketchbooks are great
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potato clock

Potato Clock

Getting your lazy self out of bed early in the morning to get ready for school or work might always be a chore, but at least the
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be right back bookmark

Be Right Back Bookmark

We all have that one friend who, for some reason, are always seen carrying a book wherever they go. A friend who has a lifetime’s
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pinbacks pin badges

Pinbacks Pin Badges

School is about to start, but you can bring the summer with you with these Sea-Themed Pinback Pin Badges. Declare your love for math
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Kiwi Fruit Shaped Post-Its

Liven up your home or office with these fruit-themed post-its. Comes with a clip for added convenience.
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