Gag Gifts

Big Mouth Toys Fake Parking Tickets

Are you ever annoyed by obnoxiously parked vehicles blocking your path? Don’t get mad – get even with these realistic fake
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Syringe Shot Ink Pens

Looking for that perfect gift for the doctor or nurse in your life who has everything? Or do you simply want to remember your favorite
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fire extinguisher lighter

Fire Extinguisher Butane Lighter

Light it up and put it out. This fire extinguisher butane lighter is refillable and with an LED light.
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A Custom Professional Pop Art Portrait

Have a picture of your family, loved one, or just a friend you want to mess with? Look no further. This person on Fiverr will create
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monster toilet decal

Toilet Monster Decal

$3: Make your guests feel at home? Screw that! Scare them wherever you can… or at least make them laugh… this monster
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objecst in mirror are losing decal, objects in mirror decal

Rearview Mirror Decal

$2: You should feel like a winner every time you get in your car. Some people need a Ferrari to do so, others just need a two dollar
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realistic finger soap, creepy soap, halloween soap

Realistic Finger Soap

These severed fingers are almost too realistic and are sure to creep out your guests if not yourself everytime you go to wash your
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