Abraham – Part 2

That night, Abraham had dreamed of being summoned by King Suleiman. It was a local folklore, about the richest and most renowned
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Abraham – Part 1

The police station was less crowded at night. It was the main reason why Nadia decided to file the Missing Person’s report then,
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the alps

The Closure

It’s not often that a high school romance would surpass, well, high school. High school sweethearts sometimes remained just that – in
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drowning under a mountain of papers

Mafia Doll

So I’m all up in my work, Wild Cherry’s – play that funky music – blaring over my computer’s speakers and I am in the zone!
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rainbow flames story

The Rainbow Flames

Photo courtesy Gabriella Gordon I am mesmerized by all the colours in the flames. Does she have some kind of magic trick to make the
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forgetting man

The Forgetting Man

Lazily, I opened my eyes. It took a while for me to realize that I was in a different room–different curtains, different bed,
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The Holy Toast Story

We are delighted to introduce a first of its kind here at Five Dollar Finds. A dear friend of the blog has prepared for you a little
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