pencil type soldering iron from sodial

Pencil Soldering Iron

There was a time when building your own electronic gadgets from scratch was a common past-time for those light on social skills and
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cracked screen transparency decal

Cracked Screen Transparency Decal

When used correctly, cell phones are very useful. It is handy gadget for people to be able to communicate, get knowledge from all over
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potato clock

Potato Clock

Getting your lazy self out of bed early in the morning to get ready for school or work might always be a chore, but at least the
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Sushi USB Memory Stick

It is important to save your data in a way you can carry it with you. While the numbers don’t lie and reports are the language of doing
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cardboard virtual reality glasses

Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Some days you just need to change your reality! This DIY set of cardboard virtual reality glasses will transform your reality and your
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portable light bulb, pocket led light bulb, portable pocket led light bulb

Portable Pocket LED Card Lamp

It’s a credit card sized light bulb that you can carry around in your wallet. It is listed on amazon for less than two bucks and has
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led finger lasers, led light up fingers, solar LED lights, cheap solar LED finger lights

LED Finger Laser Beams

Whether you are going out to a party or having a festive evening at home, these LED finger laser beams are a perfect addition to the
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computer usb fan, usb fan, computer fans

USB Computer Fan

It may be winter, but if it is a hot day and you are on your computer outside, a convenient USB fan could never hurt… especially
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LED Light Up Shoelaces

Going to a party?  Run or bike at night?  Then this would be a perfect and cheap way to get some attention.  Up to 70 hours and three
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