fart remedy

Fart Remedy Recommendations Under 5 Dollars

One experience that everyone in life has is the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with flatulence: a.k.a. the garden variety
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emoji poop cushion

Emoji Poop Cushion

I’m not sure about where you live, but here in Japan there is a healthy fascination with poop that spans generations. The range
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bathroom toilet sticker, toilet sticker, bathroom sticker

Put Me Down Bathroom Toilet Sticker

This is a humorous but very helpful toilet decal sticker anyone can use in order to make sure that everyone in the house follows the
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classic styling hair gel, hair gel for barbers, haircare for men

Clubman Styling Gel for Men

As this amazon review aptly observes, If you could bottle Ernest Hemingway and turn him into a hair gel, this would be him. It works
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Beer Soap, soap made from beer

Beer Soap

Ah, soap made from beer. The endless supply of jokes that showering in a lather made from the divine sudsy beverage can generate, as
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Zombie Hand Toilet Seat Sticker

Halloween came early. This is actually pretty horrifying, but I like it. We are living in the zombie age, embrace it… and scare
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book of secrets, mini book of secrets, national treasure book of secrets

The Book of Secrets

A small book with some big secrets.  The Book of Secrets written by Thomas Eaton has hundreds of mind blowing secrets from government
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head massagers

Hand Held Head Massager

These feel freakin amazing. For one dollar each, no better deal than that. $2 for 2
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Switch Blade Pocket Comb

Pull it out, slide it open and make yourself look better. Yes it was probably made for the 60’s but if you don’t like it, your dad
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