fart remedy

Fart Remedy Recommendations Under 5 Dollars

One experience that everyone in life has is the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with flatulence: a.k.a. the garden variety
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pencil type soldering iron from sodial

Pencil Type Soldering Iron

There was a time when building your own electronic gadgets from scratch was a common past-time for those light on social skills and
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gallium, gallium crystals, rare metal, GaCu,

Gallium Crystals

Did you know that there was a soft, silvery metal that melts at room temperature? Introducing… gallium crystals. For those of you who
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yellow happy face reflective stickers

Bike Stickers With Yellow Happy Face

Use these bike stickers to upgrade your bicycle and increase your safety! These fabulous smiley decals run less than five dollars and
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Home Party Gifts for Under Five Dollars

A home party can be a wonderful way to bring your friends and family members together in a pleasant setting. You could cook for them
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Abraham – Part 2

That night, Abraham had dreamed of being summoned by King Suleiman. It was a local folklore, about the richest and most renowned
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Maze Pen

Pointless, boring meetings are the bane of existence to employees and committee members around the world. Whatever the language, the
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Lessons from Steamed Rice Cakes

My sister, Rhodora, cooks steamed rice cakes to sell. Locally, these are known as “puto cheese”. Her routine involves
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Abraham – Part 1

The police station was less crowded at night. It was the main reason why Nadia decided to file the Missing Person’s report then,
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